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Why do you need to develop a Privacy Policy?

  • Зачем разрабатывать Privacy Policy IT юрист STALIROV&CO 1

    To comply with GDPR, CCPA, and other local data processing laws.

  • Зачем разрабатывать Privacy Policy IT юрист STALIROV&CO 2

    To publish mobile applications in AppStore and Google Play.

  • Зачем разрабатывать Privacy Policy IT юрист STALIROV&CO  3

    To connect to Google Analytics, Google Ads, collect data using cookies, and use remarketing tools.

  • Зачем разрабатывать Privacy Policy IT юрист STALIROV&CO 4

    To connect to a payment system for E-commerce products.

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Who needs a Privacy Policy?

  • Mobile applications
  • GameDev products
  • Online stores
  • Marketplaces
  • Aggregators
  • Platforms
  • Bulletin boards
  • Classifieds
  • News resources
  • Social networks and other products and websites that collect and process visitors’ personal data on the Internet
Privacy Policy / Cookie Policy в IT юрист STALIROV&CO 1

Structure of the Privacy Policy

  • Types of personal information that the company collects and processes
  • Methods and purpose of collecting personal data
  • Storage location and security measures including encryption, limited access to information, instructing employees on working with data, and others
  • Disclosure policy and grounds for transferring data to third parties: servers, services, partners, contractors, employees, payment system operators, banks, and others
  • Types of personal data processing
  • Owner's ability to correct and transfer data
  • Term of storage and deletion
  • The status of a specialist in the protection of personal data
  • Using of cookies
  • An algorithm of actions in case of data leakage
  • Disclaimer: we remove the responsibility from the controller and the processor for data leakage through no fault of theirs

What data is considered personal?

  • Name, surname, citizenship, age, gender, and marital status.

  • Information about education, qualifications, and additional skills.

  • Personal tax number, financial and bank details.

  • Phone numbers and email addresses.

  • Time zone, address data.

  • Access / usage / authorization data and others.


VTech paid the $650,000 fine for collecting personal information from children without parental consent.


Privacy Policy development for the SmartWatch mobile application

IT lawyers have complied with the requirements of the GDPR and Google Play

  • We identified the categories of data, which the application collects: device ID and model, Google account information, location, registration, payment, and other data.
  • Our team described the security measures and determined how personal information is disclosed.
  • We informed that the app owners use third-party services: Flurry and Firebase for mobile app analytics, AdMob for ad monetization.
  • We explained how the user can make changes or delete information about himself.

Who are we, and how do we generate solutions?

We design policies for clients from the US and the EU. If the product is aimed at a consumer from the EU, we implement the GDPR rules. If from the US, we implement the CCPA rules into the document. Moreover, lawyers design policies according to local requirements for IT products.

We answer 5 crucial questions during developing a Privacy Policy

    • What data and when does the company process?
    • With what tools?
    • Where is personal data stored?
    • What security measures are implemented to protect personal information?
    • To whom is the data being disclosed and transmitted?

Overall Stalirov&Co team has designed 110 privacy policies.

Privacy Policy / Cookie Policy в IT юрист STALIROV&CO 3

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