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Stalirov&Co team drew up Terms and conditions for simulation online game

About company and product

The Island 211 online simulation game with action elements provides users with complete freedom of action and the opportunity to immerse into the virtual world. Bonuses received during the game can be sold on the exchange and withdrawn to a personal account using the PayPal payment system.

Client Request

Set rules for users and fulfil the requirements of publishers.

Resolution from IT lawyers

🔸Create Terms and conditions describing game features.

🔸Protect the game against unscrupulous users and cheating.

🔸Establish liability for violating the game rules.

🔸Describe monetization and legalize virtual currency usage.


Our IT lawyers explained the gaming experience and features

◼A player logs in Island 211 and receives a basic set of game items.

◼The purpose of the gameplay is to find crystals and interact with other players. For example: staying in locations, fighting other players.

◼A player searches for crystals in various locations using the game items available and character profile.

◼Players can interact with each other in various ways. For example: to fight, to maintain communication in a chat.

◼A player receives a character with a basic profile and can change and improve it during the game.

We defined the game monetization options

Island 211 provides an opportunity to buy game items for cash, or exchange coins for game items.

A player can receive crystals and exchange them for cash.

IT lawyers described the crystals exchange for cash

◼To withdraw funds, players need to go to the crystals menu and click on the “Withdraw Crystals” button. After pressing the button, players receive a message, in the window of which they need to click on the “Go” button to the site of the Island 211 game. Players will be redirected to the login page.

◼Players can log in to the site of the Island 211 game using the type of authorization that was selected when authorizing in the application of the Island 211 game. After authorization in their personal account, players see the number of his crystals and the button "Withdraw crystals".

◼To complete the action, players need to click the "Withdraw Crystals" button, specify their number and enter the PayPal electronic wallet number.

We fixed the rules for processing a crystals exchange request by the application administrator

After receiving an application for the crystals exchange, the administrator of the Island 211 game checks a player for cheating. If a player passes the verification, the administrator sends information about the number of crystals, the amount of money and the number of the player's electronic wallet to the manager, who manually sends the specified funds.

The minimum number of crystals to exchange for cash is 1500 pieces.

We fulfilled publisher’s requirements to limit the player’s age 

The player confirms that he has reached the age of thirteen and does not use the Island 211 application for illegal purposes.

We determined the process of registration, deactivation and restoration of access to the account

A player registers in the Island 211 application using the registration form or Google, Facebook services.

A player has the right to restore access or deactivate the account by sending a request to the email of the customer support service.

IT lawyers banned cheating and established responsibility for circumventing the rules and in-game payments

A player is prohibited from influencing the gameplay with the help of created or modified programs.

Island 211 has the right to deactivate the account and delete the cheater's character, cancel the number of his crystals and coins.

We defined the game chat rules

It is forbidden to use obscene language in the chat; post promotional content and content that is not intended to be viewed by a user under the age of thirteen; post spam; post links to other resources.

We drew up the list of disclaimers

◼Island 211 game is not gambling. In the gameplay, there is no possibility of playing for money and drawing prizes or cash.

◼Island 211 is not responsible for the players actions, which were committed by them as a result of misunderstanding of the Terms and conditions or Privacy Policy.

◼Island 211 shall not be liable for any damages, even if  Island 211 have been advised of the possibility of such damages or if they arise due to negligence.

IT lawyers obtained the right to use Cookies

Island 211 uses cookies to improve the quality of services. If  players continue to use the Island 211 game, then Island 211 considers that they agree to the cookies usage.

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