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About the company of IT-lawyers

15 specialists on staff
35 IT companies incorporated in the EU and the US
50 public IT cases
120 active clients on service
400 legal opinions
  • We develop legal solutions for outsourcing, outstaffing and product-based IT companies from the USA, Canada, England, Germany, the Netherlands, Estonia and other countries.

  • IT lawyers develop contracts with customers and a team to regulate tasks, deadlines, payments and results. We provide support with passing bank and tax compliance. IT lawyers formalize the transfer of intellectual property rights and protect confidential information under NDA, NCA and NSA.

  • We draw up Terms of Use and Privacy Policy for online stores, marketplaces, mobile apps, SaaS, GameDev. Our team helps to comply with the requirements of payment systems and Google Play/App Store. We perform GDPR/CCPA compliance audits of IT products.

  • Stalirov&Co team prepares a plan to minimize tax expenses. IT lawyers calculate the tax burden when launching companies in the USA and the EU, and forecast expenses on income tax, royalties and dividend taxes.  We analyze the conditions of VAT exemption for the provision of IT services in the EU.

  • We consult on international tax compliance issues and help to avoid double taxation when receiving income in different countries. IT lawyers check the accrual of withholding tax, and VAT in contracts for IT services.

  • Our team incorporates IT companies in the USA and the EU. We establish holding and subsidiary offices, structure shareholders' ownership. IT lawyers open bank accounts and connect payment systems. We help to manage the business, to file financial and accounting statements.

  • Our IT attorneys represent corporate interests in communication with tax authorities, labor inspections, banks, registrars and courts. We help to execute payment licenses, tax residency certificates, and apostille documents. We communicate to resolve disputes concerning blocking advertising accounts on Google and Facebook.

  • IT lawyers develop Term Sheet agreements and Shareholders agreements for partners and investors. We define founders' functional duties, areas of responsibility and dividend policy. Our team helps to pass the Due Diligence in obtaining venture investments and attracting business angels to startups.

  • Stalirov&Co team helps to resolve conflicts with customers, teams, partners, and competitors. We negotiate and prepare claims. IT lawyers collect debts under contracts and prepare international claims to arbitration courts.  

  • We protect the IT companies' intellectual property and register trademarks and copyrights for IT products in the USA and the EU. We formalize the rights to the results of developments using contracts for licensing and resale.  IT lawyers help to assess the level of corporate capitalization and put the intellectual property on the balance sheet to obtain investment. 

  • Our team prepares software licenses to monetize the product using the White Label model. We develop terms of  IT products use and distribution under international legislation in the field of intellectual property. We protect internal software solutions and technologies while rendering IT services.

Why do customers come to us?

  • To set up an IT business

    Stalirov&Co team helps to incorporate companies and register ownership. We set up outsourcing and outstaffing teams, and prescribe responsibilities and KPIs for top managers. IT lawyers draw up partnership agreements for the founders and help to allocate areas of responsibility and profits between them. 

  • To obtain R&D orders in the global market

    Our team draws up MSA/NDA for IT companies. We implement transparent terms for setting up the terms of reference and fix payment for services according to the Time&Material system. IT lawyers prescribe the rules for transfer of intellectual property results, testing and payment for services, and protect the clients from overbudgets and downtime.

  • To scale an IT company

    IT lawyers launch foreign companies in countries with minimal tax burden and transparent regulation. The law firm's team focuses on special tax regimes to provide business with VAT exemption. We develop agreements to attract investments, prepare the company for Due Diligence, and support IPO, ICO or IEO of public companies.

  • To monetize IT products

    IT lawyers draw up Terms of Use for websites and applications to connect payment systems, subscriptions and online payments with Apple Pay. We create partnership contracts with advertising networks and advise on invoicing and international financial reporting.  

  • For GDPR Compliance

    Stalirov&Co team compiles Privacy Policies as required by App Store/Google Play and EU and US data laws. We fill out GDPR questionnaires and conduct audits. IT lawyers write Data Processing Agreement, Data Breach Response and Notification Procedure for Fintech, E-commerce, GameDev. We advise on TCPA/CAN-SPAM online marketing legislation in the USA. 

Our strategic goal is to support and increase the competitiveness of your IT company in the global market!

Our team

Our clients

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