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Stalirov&Co Cases

SIA Simata Software products and startups
SIA Simata logo
The Stalirov&Co team has draw up Terms of Use and a Privacy Policy for SIA Simata, which is a platform with analytics and news about currency, stock and other securities markets

Our team described the functionality of the platform and disclaimers. We obtained from users permission to collect and use personal data for marketing purposes and warned about the Cookies usage.

Point2Web WEB studios and DIGITAL agencies
Point2Web logo
Subscriber maintenance for a marketing agency from the USA

The Stalirov&Co team developed a company structure in the US and opened a subsidiary in the EU. We drew up contracts with the team in Ukraine, Canada and Estonia and audited contracts with clients, advertisers and partners.

Youwex Software products and startups
Youwex logo
The Stalirov&Co team has drawn up the User Agreement and the Privacy Policy for Youwex — freelancing, training and networking platform

IT lawyers connected the Fondy payment system and fulfilled e-commerce and consumer protection laws’ requirements. They explained how Youwex collect and process personal data under the GDPR.

Trivia Quiz IQ Brain mind game Software products and startups
Trivia Quiz IQ Brain mind game logo
Terms of Use for the Trivia Quiz IQ Brain Mind game by Mioris LTD

We fulfilled App Store and Google Play requirements and described the way of game monetizing

Island 211 Software products and startups
Island 211 logo
Stalirov&Co team drew up Terms and conditions for simulation online game

IT lawyers met the requirements of publishers and payment system: defined monetization processes and set age limit for players.

Hypelitix Software products and startups
Hypelitix logo
The Stalirov&Co team draw up the Terms of use and the Privacy Policy for a service that allows users tracking the Instagram influencers’ activity

IT Lawyers described the product features and wrote items on payment for services and refunds to fulfill the payment system requirements and connect it. We have met the CCPA/GDPR requirements to lawfully process public information from Instagram social network.

Songbook Software products and startups
Songbook logo
The Stalirov&Co team formalised the Songbook musical content platform monetization

IT Lawyers drew up Terms of service for end users and wrote exclusive and non-exclusive licences to get the right to post and promote content.

Insurancehunter Software products and startups
Insurancehunter logo
Terms of use and Privacy Policy for the Insurance Hunter platform

We fulfilled CCPA and GDPR requirements for the platform where insurance companies' products are promoted

Flimcor E-commerce
Flimcor logo
The Stalirov&Co team audited the Ecommerce platform and drew up the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy

IT Lawyers described the terms of purchase, delivery and goods return. We limit the platform's liability for the marginal cost of goods.

Pacwyn Software products and startups
Pacwyn logo
The Stalirov&Co team protected the mobile game against cheating

IT lawyers drew up Terms and conditions that prohibit players from gaining an unfair advantage using specially created programs bypassing in-game purchases.

Sneakerstudio E-commerce
Sneakerstudio logo
The Stalirov&Co team fulfilled legal requirements to connect payment systems for the Polish online store

IT Lawyers draw up the Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use to connect DotPay and PayPal.

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