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Why must you enter into an NDA?

  • To protect the company's commercial interests, to prohibit the transfer of information to competitors and create the same type of business solutions and products.

  • To determine the types of information that may not be disclosed and how it will be shared.

  • To establish recipients’ liability for the disclosure of confidential information.

  • To prove the disclosure, assess the damage, and collect a fine or compensation for violations of the confidentiality status.

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With whom is it important to have sign the NDA?

  • With employees
  • Clients
  • Partners
  • Investors
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What information does the NDA protect?

  • Financial information: project budget, employee salaries, contract debts, invoices, specifications, acts.
  • Legal information: contracts, additional agreements, internal policies, job descriptions, regulations, consultations, audit results.
  • Marketing information: channels, tools, and results of product promotion, advertising paradigms, author's ideas, concepts, creatives and approaches, analytics, and reports.
  • The results of intellectual and creative work: innovations, features, algorithms, source and object code, drawings, templates, plans, layouts, graphic models, prototypes, formulas, presentations, diagrams, mockups, design solutions, images, illustrations, business concepts, know-how, technologies, automated solutions, system integrations.
  • Tasks from task managers, communication in messengers and by e-mail: technical tasks, business correspondence, comments, reports, access to files and folders in Google Docs, data from Confluence. Meetings, voice calls, and video meetings.
  • Databases and lists of clients, partners, and employees of the company.

Why must you enter into an NCA?

  • To protect confidential information and company trade secrets.

  • To prohibit employees from creating competing IT products and engaging in competing businesses.

  • To limit the ability of contractors and employees to work with customers, partners, and direct competitors.

  • To prohibit clients and partners from poaching employees and contractors.

  • To define the terms and scope of the restrictions.

  • To get compensation for violating the rules on non-competition and non-poaching.

Our cases

The Stalirov&Co team, with the help of a NDA, motivated the customer to pay off the debt

A contractor from Israel and a customer from the USA signed an outstaffing contract to develop E-commerce platforms. Later, an Israeli IT company raised the cost of developers from $25 to $45 per hour. But, after three months of work, the customer refused to pay $237,000 of the contract debt.

In the NDA between the Israeli and American companies, IT lawyers found a provision that provides for the right of the contractor to withdraw from the NDA and disclose confidential information if the customer does not pay for the work. Following this term, all the results of the work could be sold to a competitor company.

Under the threat of losing the results and intellectual property of the products, the customer paid for their costs.


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Who is Stalirov&Co, and how do we generate solutions?

Non-disclosure agreement lawyers from the Stalirov&Co’s team develop international NDAs before starting work so that foreign clients have no doubts about the security of information exchanged with IT companies.

During providing an NDA customer service our team delves into business processes and works out all possible risks of disclosing confidential information and competition.

We detail and structure the objects of confidential information into types and subtypes in the nda for providing IT services..

In the Non-disclosure agreement, lawyers answer questions:

  • Who owns the information and the results of intellectual work?
  • What information can be transferred to third parties?
  • How long must the information remain confidential?

We know and consider the laws of the countries in which IT companies operate. For example, in the UK, the prohibition of competition can not exceed 12 months, and in Germany that same requirement is no more than 24 months. In Washington NCA will only be enforceable if an employee earns more than $100,000 a year, and an independent contractor earns $250,000 a year from the employer proposing a NCA.

Lawyers implement  the non- disclosure agreement and non-compete agreement provisions in software development contracts, license contracts, and other contracts to provide IT services.

The non-disclosure attorney determines the method and place for resolving disagreements. We choose countries with transparent and predictable conditions for resolving disputes over disclosing confidential information.

The non-disclosure agreement attorney represents clients in disputes regarding compliance with NDA and NCA requirements.

Our team provided nda services for more then 100 clients and designed 85 NDAs and 73 NCAs.

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Our lawyers handle a range of IT legal services for software companies under the Time & Material and Fixed Price system.

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