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IT services contracts with Clients and a Team

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With whom do you need to conclude an IT services agreement?

  • С кем заключают договоры на оказание IT услуг - IT юрист STALIROV&CO 1

    With local and foreign clients
    MSA, SLA and SOW,
    Referral and partnership contracts
    Website development contracts
    Contracts for the development of a mobile application
    SaaS development contracts
    Web design service contracts
    SEO contracts
    Contracts for placement of contextual advertising 
    Other outsourcing and outstaffing contracts

  • С кем заключают договоры на оказание IT услуг - IT юрист STALIROV&CO 2

    With a team
    Project Manager
    Product Analyst
    UX / UI designers
    Sales Manager
    Program Manager
    Scrum Master
    Software product manager
    Delivery Manager
    SEO Specialist
    PPC Specialist and others

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For whom do we develop contracts for IT services?

  • Outsourcing and outstaffing IT companies
  • E-commerce products
  • Mobile application developers
  • Digital agencies
  • WEB studios
  • PPC agencies
  • SMM agencies
  • SEO companies
  • Media buyers
  • Fintech and medtech products
IT services contracts with Clients and a Team в IT юрист STALIROV&CO 1

Why should an IT company enter into IT services contracts?

  • To confirm the legality of the origin of funds with the bank, tax, and financial monitoring authorities. Make payments at the bank without delay.
  • To describe the functional responsibilities: who sets tasks and accepts results. Determine the rules for electronic document management.
  • To establish sanctions for violation of the terms of work and describe the conditions for terminating the contract.
  • To distinguish between the concept of errors and the client's wishes limits the rounds of edits. Determine the order and system of payment: time&material, fixed price.
  • To register the transfer of ownership of the IT product and retain the right to use the knowledge base, internal and external IT solutions.
  • To protect confidential information, intellectual property, and get the right to publish cases in the portfolio.
  • To develop non-disclosure provisions (NDA), non-poaching (NSA), and non-competition (NCA).
  • To determine the method and procedure for resolving conflicts and disputes: mediation, arbitration, or court.


The car rental company Hertz approached IT outsourcing company Accenture for a website redesign. But the IT company didn't complete the work on time. So Hertz filed a $32 million lawsuit. The IT company will pay compensation depending on the terms of the technology service agreement for the site's redesign.

Case from IT lawyers

The Stalirov&Co team received $150,000 in compensation for poaching the Project Manager by using the agreement for IT services

An American company found out that their PM had received an offer from a customer in Israel. Later, the client from Tel Aviv terminated contract for IT services with the USА IT company and entered into a direct contract with PM.

In order to obtain compensation from the customer in Israel the Stalirov&Co team:

  • recovered the password and gained access to the PM domain mail; 
  • collected data and photos of correspondence as evidence of commercial ties between an Israeli client and PM. 
  • It was necessary to interview the company's employees and collect information that proved the poaching of the client. 
  • The Stalirov&Co team filed a lawsuit in Illinois state court seeking compensation for disclosing confidential information, poaching, and property damage to the company. 
  • As a result, the client received a court decision to recover $150,000. It became possible because of the IT services agreement with the non-disclosure clause that was signed between an American IT company and PM.

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Who are we, and how do we generate solutions?

The Stalirov&Co legal company developed 287 copyright contracts. Our clients do business in the USA, the UK, Germany, Estonia, Cyprus, the Netherlands and other countries.


Our team analyzes business conditions, and protects the commercial interests of companies. With the help of a technology services contract, we work out legal and business risks: tax liability, failure to comply with the terms of the contract, and others. We limit the possibility of recovering a fine from an IT company.


Our attorneys have experience in negotiating the terms of contracts.

IT services contracts with Clients and a Team в IT юрист STALIROV&CO 3

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Дякуємо Валерію та його команді за гарну роботу по складанню англомовного контракту з розробниками. Контракт допоміг нам легалізувати роботу аутстафінгової команди та врегулювати процесс роботи за кордоном. Юристи розуміють як оформити розробників-фопів для проектів із США та ЕС.

У хлопців є досвід роботи з законодавством Делаверу, розбираються у податках та звітах в США. Консультують нас по фінансовим та інвестиційним питанням. 

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Nadia Bezhan CEO IT Master Soft

Спасибо за профессиональные консультации и оперативно предоставленные ответы! При работе с юристами для нас важен профессионализм, наличие практического опыта в интересующих компанию вопросах.

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