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What financial issues do IT lawyers solve?

  • Какие финансовые вопросы решают IT-юристы Stalirov&Co 1

    We are experts in taxation: income tax of companies, employees, and contractors; VAT; tax on dividends for founders; and royalties.

  • Какие финансовые вопросы решают IT-юристы Stalirov&Co 2

    IT lawyers consult on international taxation. We select countries with which double taxation conventions are signed and incorporate companies in countries with a minimum tax burden and benefits for IT.

  • Какие финансовые вопросы решают IT-юристы Stalirov&Co 3

    The Stalirov&Co team develops investment documents: SAFE (simple agreement for future equity), KISS (keep it simple security), Convertible Notes, and we draft Shareholder agreements.

  • Какие финансовые вопросы решают IT-юристы Stalirov&Co 4

    Our team accompanies clients during tax inspections and resolves IT disputes with financial monitoring authorities by appealing additional taxes and fines.

  • Какие финансовые вопросы решают IT-юристы Stalirov&Co 5

    Debt collection from clients: we act as pre-trial mediators and conduct claims work.

  • Какие финансовые вопросы решают IT-юристы Stalirov&Co 6

    The Stalirov&Co team develops models and provides legal support for the monetization of IT products.

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How do IT lawyers minimize the tax burden of IT companies?

  • IT lawyers determine the subject matter of contracts, which coincide with the types of services that are exempt from VAT.
  • We design contracts with the team as independent contractors (sole entrepreneurs).
  • Our team analyzes international conventions to avoid double taxation.
  • We incorporate IT companies in countries with special tax regimes for IT businesses and tax incentives for start-ups, such as Cyprus, Estonia, the UK, Ireland, and others.
Financial Consulting and Tax Inspections в IT юрист STALIROV&CO 1

Tax disputes which arise in IT

  • Additional charge of income tax.
  • Fictitious business transactions with customers.
  • Applying the VAT exemption. Compensation and VAT refund.
  • Employee income tax evasion and work with sole entrepreneurs.
  • Failure to file tax returns and understatement of income.
  • Additional tax expenses in concluding a transaction in the client's country of registration in Japan, Singapore, Oman, China, Germany, France, Spain, Canada, Israel, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and others.

How do IT lawyers help you pass a tax inspection?

  • The Stalirov&Co team prepares an IT company for verification. We develop and analyze documents for risks and instruct employees.
  • IT lawyers compose responses to tax request for information or documents and collect invoices and contracts.
  • We apply to court and challenge additional taxes and fines.

Case from IT lawyers

The Stalirov&Co team helped a Ukrainian IT company to avoid paying the withholding tax in Japan

An IT company must pay withholding tax at a rate of 20.42% for the provision of services in Japan. . And this is in addition to taxes in Ukraine: on profits, income tax for employees and a single tax for contractors, VAT, tax on dividends for founders, and royalties.

Therefore, it was crucial to find a mechanism that would help to avoid paying withholding tax in foreign countries.

To do this, IT lawyers used the procedure for exemption from payment.

  • We received an Application Form for Income Tax Convention for IT services from a Japanese client and filled it out.
  • After that, we received a residence certificate for an IT company, translated it into English, and attested it with an apostille.
  • Our team submitted documents to the tax authorities in Japan. An IT company was exempted from an additional tax burden based on an international agreement to avoid double taxation between Ukraine and Japan.

Who are we, and how do we generate solutions?

  • We prepare a tax burden plan and develop a tax minimization plan for already operating companies before starting an IT business. 
  • The Stalirov&Co team accompanies businesses entering the international market and helps organize processes with the lowest costs for taxes and fees.
  • Our law firm has gained experience applying conventions to avoid double taxation in the UK, Estonia, Cyprus, and the USA. We know which countries are profitable to work with.
  • We monetize IT products in countries with royalty exemptions.
  • IT lawyers accompany investment and credit processes in the company and analyze their risks. Our team prepares documents for obtaining loans from banks.
Financial Consulting and Tax Inspections в IT юрист STALIROV&CO 3

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