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About company

  • What are the Stalirov&Co IT lawyers' experience and specialization?

    Stalirov&Co team comprises of 14 in-house lawyers specializing in different areas:

    • Business structuring and taxes
    • Contracts and license agreements
    • Terms of use and Privacy Policy for Ecommerce, Mobile and Desktop apps, SaaS, PaaS, ERP, CRM, FinTech, MedTech
    • GDPR Compliance and Dispute Resolution

    Thus, we ensure comprehensive customer support. IT lawyers speak English and improve their expertise in foreign educational institutions.

    Business Analysts, Junior and Middle lawyers work with the legal product. We engage a Senior Lawyer with more than five-year expertise in supporting IT companies for complex and atypical tasks. He conducts business analysis and dives into the financial aspects of doing business: integrating Fintech solutions, companies entering an IPO or ICO, and AML Compliance.


  • Why is it better for an IT company to contact you than to hire an in-house lawyer to join the team?

    We have a niche expertise in IT business, which has been forming for 7 years. Due to this, the team generates legal solutions for complex and atypical IT products: Fintech, SaaS, CRM and ERP systems.

    Over the years of practice, the company has developed a knowledge base, so we quickly develop legal products for new clients and provide comprehensive support for IT business.

    The outsourced Legal Department engages a team of lawyers specialized in different areas, which allows performing parallel tasks and giving quick feedback upon requests. For example, separate lawyers for team onboarding, business structuring, Terms of use and Privacy Policy development, and accounting support.

    Working with us, you hire a legal department with its management structure and a team of IT lawyers. The General Legal Counsel manages each project. He  communicates directly with you  and manages the tasks of the entire legal team. This way you can delegate the task control to the manager, clearly highlight and track its implementation, simplify communication and save time.

    You pay when there are legal tasks and choose from two options:

    • Hourly subscription: contact when requested.
    • A subscription with a fixed monthly fee: continuous service support for IT lawyers.
  • What IT companies and products do you work with?

    Our clients are software and product IT companies, and digital agencies. We support the publishing of mobile and desktop applications, protect intellectual property rights, ensure compliance with consumer protection laws for the operation of E-commerce products, advise and regulate the activities of Fintech solutions, develop licenses for SaaS, reseller and agency contracts for CRM and ERP systems.

    Among our clients:

    • GameDev companies: Mioris LTD and Pacwyn
    • Digital agency POINT2WEB
    • Ecommerce: Flimcor and Sneakerstudio
    • IT products: Hypelitix and Insurancehunter
  • Where can I find your portfolio?

    The company has an open and closed portfolio. You can read a detailed description of IT lawyers’ tasks and examples of public works on the website in the Cases section and see reviews on Clutch.

    A non-disclosure agreement protects the closed portfolio; we provide examples of closed cases during consultations to explain the benefits of a legal solution. Still, we do not disclose the names of companies.


  • What matters can you help us dealing with?

    Clients approach us to:

    • Launch a new company or change the country of doing business
    • Determine the rules for managing a joint business and delineate the responsibilities of the founders
    • Optimize the tax burden
    • Structuring the contractual base with clients, teams and partners
    • Safely hire IT specialists and implement work rules
    • Protect confidential information and intellectual property of solutions and products
    • Develop public documents on the requirements of publishers and payment systems for the publication of software products
    • Comply with GDPR/CCPA and local acts on personal data processing

About services

  • How do you structure an IT business?

    IT lawyers regulate relations between partners and their business activities. To that end they:

    • Distribute functions between founders, eliminate inefficient business processes
    • Calculate the tax burden and choose favorable taxation conditions
    • Develop corporate documents: Term Sheet, Shareholder Agreement and partnership agreements
    • Draw up the decision of the company management board. For example, IT lawyers prepare decisions on opening a new office, developing a website, or opening a new lead generation segment.


  • How do you help minimize the tax burden?

    IT companies approach us for advice on taxation of profits, team salaries, dividends and royalties. Lawyers offer ways to minimize the tax burden, for example, by applying treaties to avoid double taxation or choosing a country with a minimum or no VAT on IT services. 

    We recommend and select countries with convenient conditions for doing business and organizing your business processes.

    The USA, Estonia, Cyprus, England, and Poland are the most popular countries where we have launched IT companies over the past three years.

  • What kind of contracts do you draw up?

    IT lawyers draw up local and international contracts with clients, teams and business partners. There are MSA, SDA, Dedicated team agreements, Term Sheets, Shareholder Agreements, partnership agreements, and digital contracts for traffic management. Each document includes an NDA/NCA/NSA agreement.

    For your company, we create a database of step-by-step contracts with clients and a team. We also explain to managers how and in what order to sign documents. You get comprehensive solutions that help implementing uniform rules for team onboarding and simplifying the negotiation with the client.

  • How do you support the IT company's team onboarding/offboarding?

    We help build a favorable relationship between the team and the IT company.

    • We carry out specialists due diligence at the team setup stage—we check employers' recommendations.
    • We advise specialists on working conditions and explain the meaning of clauses in the contract and how they work.
    • We draw up supplementary agreements to change the terms of contract.
    • We sign NDA, contracts for IT services with individual entrepreneurs and labor contracts.
    • We provide consulting on taxation, processing and making payments via Payoneer, Wise, and USDT.
    • We bring specialists to responsibility for violation of the terms of contract and support work completion in the company.
  • What documents do you prepare for E-commerce?

    For online stores and marketplaces, IT lawyers develop Public Offers, Privacy Policies and Cookie Policies following the requirements of payment systems, GDPR / CCPA, and the laws of the countries where the online store or marketplace operates.

  • What documents do you prepare before publishing mobile applications?

    We audit the application according to the publishers' requirements - AppStore and Google Play, identifying and eliminating inconsistencies.

    We draw up the Terms of use and Privacy Policy, which are necessary for publishing mobile applications.

    We support a due diligence check with AppStore and Google Play and negotiate with them if the application is blocked for non-compliance with the publishers' rules.


  • How do IT lawyers help to be GDPR Compliant?

    Companies that promote software products and provide IT services in the EU market must comply with the regulation on personal data protection.

    To do this, we help clients fill out GDPR questionnaires and develop GDPR documentation:

    • Data Processing Agreement
    • Information security policy
    • Access control policy
    • The international data transfer procedure
  • Do you have experience supporting FinTech software product releases to the US market?

    Yes, our Senior lawyers have experience with launching public companies and attracting investments, and they will support dealing with the regulation of FinTech companies in the USA.

    We advise clients on FinCEN, FTC, SEC, GDPR/CCPA compliance and regulatory approvals.

    Our lawyers develop partnership agreements with banking and payment partners.

  • What experience do you have in serving digital agencies in the US?

    We help seting up teams of media buyers, targetologists, lead generators and other digital specialists. We prepare agreements with advertisers and partners for traffic arbitrage and promotion, where we define vital commercial terms, monetization rules and advertising creative developments.

    IT lawyers audit advertising companies and content to comply with the requirements of laws in online marketing and processing of personal data on the Internet: CCPA/TCPA/CAN-SPAM.


  • Do you manage disputes and represent clients in courts?

    Before going to court, the Stalirov&Co team offers an amicable settlement of conflicts with the customers, the team, partners, publishers and government agencies. To do this, we prepare claims and negotiate.

    If this method does not work, we collect evidence of violations, prepare a claim, and support the client in arbitration or court.

Work organization and communication with IT lawyers

  • Do you sign a legal service agreement?

    Stalirov&Co is a Ukrainian limited liability company that will be a party to the contract.

    We sign an NDA and a legal service agreement with each client. The contract is accompanied by a customized statement of work with a detailed description of legal services, deadlines and costs.


  • How are legal fees paid? What is the prepayment?

    The total cost of project is divided into two payments:

    • 50% prepayment at the  project start
    • payment of the balance after the work results acceptance


      We accept payment:

    • in hryvnia (UAH) to an account with the Ukrainian bank — Raiffeisen Bank
    • in foreign currency from non-residents to an account with Raiffeisen Bank
    • in currency to a business account with Payoneer
    • in currency to the Wise account
    • in USDT
  • How can a client control the time lawyers spend on a task?

    The company works according to the Time&Material system. The IT lawyers' rate starts from $50/hour.

    To keep track of the team's time, we have implemented time tracking and provide reports on the time spent on tasks. We will notify the client if the lawyer needs more hours.

    The company can estimate the time required for the task and offer a range of prices, focusing on the experience of working with current clients and the base of legal solutions.

  • How is communication with IT lawyers going?
    • Consulting is done through video meetings using Google meet, Skype and Zoom.
    • For correspondence, we use internal domain mail or instant messengers: Telegram, WhatsApp, and Slack.
    • The work is controlled through task managers, and the results are demonstrated through Google docs.


    We use the communication channels offered by the client. We integrate into our system if an IT company works in its environment.

  • How are the work results agreed upon?

    Coordination of a legal decision takes place through written or video communication.

    In the first case, we provide the client with access to the document and write a product summary for comfortable navigation. The summary describes what functions the product performs and what tasks the lawyers implement.

    If the client still has questions, we arrange a call to explain the benefits of a legal solution for business and instruct how to implement it into the corporate processes.


  • What are the guarantees of the IT lawyers' work results? How do you respond to comments and requests to finalize the document's text?

    We provide flexible client service and warranty support from three to six months to correct errors related to the tasks in the statement of work. Warranty support does not apply in cases of legislation changes.

    Lawyers are ready to help if questions arise with implementing a legal solution.

    Our goal is to write legal text in a simple and accessible language. When a client has comments or requests for improvement, IT lawyers are ready to change, supplement, simplify and explain the essence of the solution.

    We do not make significant changes after the client accepts the results of services unless we see fundamental deviations from the rules and legislation.

    Stalirov&Co will compensate for losses if our recommendations violate the law.

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