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Subscriber maintenance tariffs
for IT companies

  • IT lawyers' outsourcing services
  • 30 working hours
7500 USD / month
Discussing details
  • Permanent service support of 2 assigned IT lawyers.
  • 2 reviews of MSA/SLA/SOW contracts.
  • 1 consultation on banking and currency legislation.
  • 2 NDA/NCA/NSA audits.
  • 1 consultation on international taxation.
  • 2 consultations on GDPR compliance.
  • IT lawyers' outsourcing services
  • 60 working hours
14000 USD / month
Discussing details
  • Permanent service support of 4 assigned IT lawyers.
  • 4 reviews of MSA/SLA/SOW contracts.
  • 5 consultations on banking and currency legislation.
  • 8 NDA/NCA/NSA audits.
  • 3 consultations on international taxation.
  • 2 copyright international contracts.
  • 4 consultations on GDPR compliance.
  • IT lawyers' outsourcing services
  • Unlimited hours
250 USD / hour
Discussing details
  • Permanent service support from Stalirov&Co team at the client's request.
  • Expertise and development of MSA/SLA/SOW contracts.
  • Consultations on banking and currency legislation.
  • Audit and development of NDA/NCA/NSA.
  • International taxation advice.
  • Company registration and property structuring.
  • GDPR compliance advice.
The subscription service
will be helpful if:
  • Your service company develops software

  • Your company monetizes its software products

  • Your company has three or more founders

  • Your company has a complex organizational structure and many employees

  • You work with international clients and want to avoid double taxation

  • You have stable, long-term contracts with regular customers and are interested in their renewal and support

  • What does subscriber maintenance give?
    Subscriber service helps to resolve legal issues with customers and partners: we review the company's contracts with counterparties, diagnose and eliminate risks, defend interests, and coordinate changes. We take a comprehensive approach to working with the team: we dive into the specifics of the company’s work, develop contracts with top managers and employees to regulate managerial issues, transfer the company’s intellectual property, maintain confidentiality, and protect against unfair competition. Subscriber maintenance provides an opportunity to solve problems and find a compromise with the tax authorities, banks, and courts.
  • Can subscription services change?
    A subscription is a flexible operation system with each company. Tasks for lawyers change and adjust depending on the client's request. Lawyers examine the proposal and draw up a report, which prescribes: what services are needed; how much time is needed to resolve the issues you raised; the stages of work; terms; and the final result, which we will come to.
  • What subscription does your company need?
    We coordinate the work plan and tasks with the client during the negotiation stage. We determine how many hours per month you will need and recommend a subscription.
  • How are the extra hours counted if 15/30/60 hour limit is over?
    In case of tasks out of subscription scope, we inform you about it in advance, make a calculation and agree on further cooperation with the client. Working outside the subscription is considered at the cost of subscription hours.
  • What is ongoing service support?
    IT lawyers are assigned to your company for communicating with the team, immersing internal and external issues. They give an immediate response to the appeal and offer solutions to problems.
  • How the lawyers and the company work? How many people are involved?
    We work based on a single-window principle - a lawyer project manager communicates with owners, managers, top managers, sales, HR, PM, and developers. The project manager delegates tasks to specialized IT lawyers and controls the work's process and result. Moreover, this member of our team will present and accompany legal decisions.
  • How and where do you communicate with lawyers?
    Meetings over-the-phone and video meetings: Google Meet, Skype, Zoom, Hangouts. Official correspondence: internal domain mail for IT lawyers. Communication in messengers: Telegram, WhatsApp, Slack. Work control: Task manager. Demonstration of results: Google Docs.
We serve GameDev studios, Digital agencies, Software development company according to the subscription system since 2016.
Which services
are ordered more often?
  • 50% consultations on conducting IT business with clients: examination and proofreading of contracts for the existence of risks; development of individual contracts for the project
  • 20% financial and tax consulting
  • 20% registration of a company in the EU and the USA to enter the Western market, optimize taxation and protect business
  • 10% brand and copyright registration for IT products
The policy of our company of IT lawyers:
  • We give an objective assessment and offer solutions.
  • We observe honesty and deadlines in our work.
  • We are consistent and attentive.
  • We negotiate the conditions in advance and don't surprise in financial aspects.
  • We don't conceal anything and maintain constant contact.
  • We respond quickly.
  • We promise less and deliver more.
We take responsibility
for the legal products quality
290 Contracts were developed by a team of IT lawyers who worked to protect the interests of 89 clients.
150 Packages of Terms of Use and Privacy Policies have been developed for product companies.
400 Legal opinions have been developed for clients in the USA and EU.
Subscriber service guarantees:
Work organization

We analyze the external and internal processes of an IT company. IT lawyers respond to emerging issues during the working day and offer 2-3 solutions.

Comprehensive support

We implement tax solutions, launch companies abroad, and develop MSA/SLA/SOW/NDA/NCA/NSA, Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Consult on GDPR issues. Lawyers audit applications to comply with the App Store and Google Play requirements.

Financial stability

We set the price and required work time in advance.


We provide warranty support within 3 months after the end of subscription service. We explain how to implement legal solutions and make changes if required. We handle complaints and claims of your customers and contractors.

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