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The Stalirov&Co team has drawn up the User Agreement and the Privacy Policy for Youwex — freelancing, training and networking platform

About company and product

Youwex is a platform for training, networking, promoting, and finding freelancers. Customers receive high-quality freelance services based on improved contractors’ verification.

IT product includes its own messenger and features for online video conferences, video webinars and does not depend on third-party IT solutions.

Client Request

Connect the Fondy payment system. Comply with e-commerce and consumer protection laws. Get the ability to process users’ personal data.

Resolution from IT lawyers

🔸Develop a User agreement according to Fondy requirements.

🔸Create a Privacy Policy in accordance with the GDPR.

🔸Describe the users’ personal data processing procedure.


Our IT Lawyers team described platform functionality

Users from all over the world can share experience and knowledge, promote their services on the Internet, receive education from verified specialists, create a rating and ranking of services among other users based on reviews. The platform provides an opportunity to receive customers and get deals, realize your potential in the field of training and consulting, choose the specialist role for yourself, as well as receive education in various fields and directions as a customer.

We established age restrictions

Platform services are available to persons over 18 years of age. Persons under the age of 18 can use the platform if the parents’ or authorized guardians’ data is indicated when creating an account.

We restricted users’ ability to communicate outside the platform

The user undertakes to communicate with other users only within the platform. It is prohibited to indicate addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, passport/registration data and other information in his profile, thanks to which it is possible to contact the user outside the platform.

Youwex has the right to review the history of private messages and at any time delete a private message that does not meet the requirements of the User agreement.

IT lawyers described user verification procedure

◼To pass the verification, a specialist must provide scanned copies of documents that confirm qualifications in the chosen direction.

◼In case of detection of doubtful data the platform administration has the right to check all information posted by a user and to require confirmation of authenticity.

◼The platform administration has the right to cancel the registration or suspend it if false information is found.

We spelled out rules for adding and moderating reviews

◼Users should only provide honest reviews that are in line with the services provided. 

◼Users are prohibited from posting positive or negative reviews that deliberately distort the objectivity of the rating and do not correspond to reality.

◼Youwex reserves the right to monitor and verify the validity of the reviews. In case of revealing facts about  reviews falsification, manipulations with the rating, the platform has the right to block the ability to leave reviews or block and delete the profile.

IT lawyers added disclaimers

◼Youwex is not an employment service. In all cases of the platform use and provision of services, users act as independent contractors.

◼Youwex is not a party to agreements between a specialist and a customer. Youwex is not responsible for the quality of the online session conducted by a specialist.

◼Youwex is not responsible for the operation of the Fondy payment service.

◼Youwex does not guarantee the availability of the website around the clock. 

We fixed monetization method, described payment and refund procedures

The cost of platform-hosted services includes:

◼platform services fee of 22%;

◼cost of specific services;

◼Fondy payment service fee.

Services fee refunds are possible if:

◼session failed due to the specialist’s fault;

◼session did not take place due to platform-related technical issues.

We have developed the Privacy Policy and determined personal data the platform collects, processes and stores

Personal data includes: first name, last name, e-mail address, phone number, residence region, time zone, interface language, device data (computer, browser type, mobile device operating system, access to the device camera and microphone), messages (information, which is contained in correspondence between users), learning experience, educational documents, certificates, licenses, photos, and videos.

We described security measures, place and time of personal data storage, the procedure for deleting personal data from Youwex servers

If you would like to submit a request for the personal data deletion under the GDPR requirements, please send an email to support@youwex.com. When submitting an email request, you will be asked to provide information for identification and verification.

Client feedback

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Артем Смеюха Youwex

Обращались к данной компании за разработкой Политики конфиденциальности и Условий пользования для нашей биржи фриланса, образования и нетворкинга.  Специалисты внимательно отнеслись к нашей непростой задаче, были постоянно на связи. Нам нужно было подключить интернет эквайринг Fondy, зафиксировать наш статус посредника между заказчиком и фрилансером, и объяснить участникам биржи как функционирует сервис. Остались довольны результатом, документы разработаны в срок. Команда Stalirov&Co учла все особенности нашего IT-продукта. Планируем в будущем работать по ряду других задач. Рекомендуем как порядочную и ответственную компанию.

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