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The Stalirov&Co team formalised the Songbook musical content platform monetization

About company and product

Songbook.app music platform hosts Christian songs with multitracks, sheet music and chords. The platform licenses and distributes musical works, thereby copyright holders receive royalties for this. Users can upload and download content, purchase a license, and then publicly perform the songs and stream them online.

Client Request

Settle relationships with users, get the right to monetize the platform and connect the payment system.

Resolution from IT lawyers

🔸Develop Terms of service to determine the status of content and users, the rules for using the platform.

🔸Create product licenses to be able to publish it on the platform.

🔸Describe monetization methods.


Our IT lawyers explained registration conditions and limited the age of platform users. We described users statuses and types of account owners

◼To register, a user can use a Google account. A registered user has access to advanced features: add songs to favourites, create playlists, purchase paid content.

◼In order to use the Songbook.app service and access content, a user must be over 13 years of age and have parental or guardian consent to be bound by the agreements. And also users shall have the right to conclude an agreement with Songbook.

◼When creating an account, users can choose the type of owner - user (as an individual) and organization (legal entity). Users cannot transfer their account and access to it to third parties.

We described the rules for using Songbook.app

A user shall not:

◼use the content to create a separate service;

◼use scrapping or similar methods to combine, repurpose, republish or otherwise use content;

◼change or remove trademarks, copyrights, or other proprietary notices.

IT lawyers set the platform right to deactivate users accounts in case of Songbook rules violation

Songbook reserves the right to suspend or terminate an account if users activity occurs on the account that is a violation of the Terms of service, rights of third parties, or any applicable laws or regulations.

We established the refund rules for platform-based purchases

After completing the purchase and gaining paid content access, a user or organization cannot return the funds and refuse the received paid content.

IT lawyers explained the difference between paid and free content

◼Free content is distributed under a free license, and has a mark and a “Free” button. By clicking on the “Free” button next to the content, users have the opportunity to download the content by adding it to their media library, or directly to a remote media. After users have downloaded the product, they receive a free license to use the content.

◼If  users want to purchase paid content, they add it to their cart and pay using payment systems. After successful payment, users can download it to their device within 48 hours or use it on the platform.

The license to use paid or free content is valid for 30 days. A right holder can remove the content from the platform, or make it paid.

We explained the types of licenses for paid content

For paid content, separate types of licenses are installed, which a user can choose when purchasing:

◼license for one site;

◼license for several sites;

◼mobile license.

IT lawyers described the procedure for making a profit with content and accruing royalties depending on monetization type

Users can post content on the platform:

For free – by granting Songbook a global, non-exclusive license to use the content. Such license is royalty-free and includes the right to reproduce, distribute, modify, display and perform the content for the purpose of operating, promoting and improving the platform.

With the monetization option. The amount of royalties, as well as the terms of payment, is determined automatically by the platform, based on the rates that are provided to the user before publishing content in his account on the platform. The royalty is 62% of the sales under the exclusive license, and 52% under the non-exclusive license.

We listed content that is prohibited from uploading to the platform

A user shall not use the platform to download, host and store:

◼offensive, libellous, defamatory, pornographic or obscene content;

◼information that violates intellectual property rights;

◼content that contains viruses, trojans, spyware, adware, malware, bots, worms, or other harmful or malicious components;

◼unauthorized advertising, promotional messages, spam or any other form of solicitation.

We obtained the right to use user-uploaded content for advertising purposes

The platform can use audio, pictures, photos, videos, any song/album cover, profile avatars for advertising purposes and promotion.

IT lawyers limited the platform's liability for third-party posted ads 

Songbook has no control over external services and is not responsible for their content, operation or use. By linking to third party websites, servers, software, systems, directories, applications, products, or services of third parties, Songbook makes no representation, endorsement, or warranty of the legality, accuracy, quality, or authenticity of content, information, or services.

External services may have their own Terms of Use or Privacy Policies, and their practices and requirements may differ from Songbook's practices and requirements. Users are solely responsible for reviewing the Terms of Use, Privacy Policies or other terms and conditions of external service providers.

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