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Terms of use and Privacy Policy for the Insurance Hunter platform

About company and product

Insurance Hunter is a paid lead generator for insurance companies. Users from the US and EU fill out a questionnaire, and software algorithms select the best financial solution based on their personal preferences.

Client Request

Secure the Insurance Hunter status, delineate the responsibility of the platform and insurance companies, and get the opportunity to collect and process users’ personal data.

Resolution from IT lawyers

🔸Develop the Terms of use describing the platform status as an intermediary. Limit Insurance Hunter's liability for services provided by insurance companies and define users' warranties and disclaimers.

🔸Design the Privacy Policy under CCPA and GDPR requirements for the lawful processing of users' personal data, considering the specifics of sensitive data collection, storage, and age category.


We indicated what information about users the platform collects, how it uses it, where and how long it stores. Lawyers clarified that in order to provide services, Insurance Hunter processes sensitive data

◼Insurance Hunter collects personal data about users through direct interaction and communication. Users provide platform with their personal data, when interacting with the website or Insurance Hunter's partners.

◼To request a life insurance offer, a user provides the following categories of data: information about whether you currently have life insurance, gender, information about whether you used tobacco products in the last 12 months, marital status, information about the presence of children, the birth date, the reason for life insurance applying, biometric parameters (height, weight), health information, employment status, first and last name, phone number and email address.

We described the guarantees and requirements for users and the rules of conduct on the platform. Lawyers clarified the age limit and obliged to provide truthful and complete information to receive Insurance Hunter services

◼Users warrant that the information and details they provide to platform will be accurate, current, true, and complete.

◼Users warrant that they are not representing or impersonating any other person or entity.

◼If user is under 18, he/she should review the Terms of use with parent or guardian to ensure that he/she and parent or guardian understand and agree to them on user behalf. 

Our team differentiated the services of the platform and insurance companies. We explained that Insurance Hunter acts as an intermediary and is not a broker, agent, or representative of insurance companies

◼Insurance Hunter does not provide any insurance services to the user. The company carries out commercial activities as advertising agencies.

◼The website operator is not an insurance broker or insurance company, representative, or agent of any broker or insurance company. This website is not an insurance offer.

Lawyers warned that advertising and insurance companies' products are placed on insurancehunter.net for a fee, but for users, the services and the Insurance Hunter website are free

◼Insurance companies' products posted on insurancehunter.net are published for a fee.

◼Unless users are an insurance broker, insurance agent, or any other insurance professional, Insurance Hunter does not charge users for using the website.

We clarified that the platform only includes some existing insurance solutions in the US and EU markets.

The platform does not cover all insurance companies or products available on the market and does not guarantee that the insurance offered on the website includes the best conditions or the lowest rates available on the market. Insurance Hunter recommends that you explore all available insurance options for your situation.

Lawyers provided that Insurance Hunter does not guarantee a deal with an insurance company, does not recommend or endorse specific products and is not responsible for insurance companies' actions or omissions

◼Submission of information on this site does not guarantee that user will receive insurance approval.

◼InsuranceHunter does not endorse any particular broker or insurance provider and does not make any insurance decisions.

◼InsuranceHunter is not responsible for any loss, cost, damage or claim in connection with use of partner's products or services.

Our team secured Insurance Hunter's ownership of trademarks, text content, graphics, logos, and other platform elements

The website contains text, graphics, images and other content. These materials and information are owned by Insurance Hunter or our licensors and are protected by US and EU copyright laws and treaties

We forbid using results of intellectual property that belong to the platform, interfering with or disrupting the site

◼Users are not permitted to copy, decompile, reverse engineer, disassemble, attempt to derive source code from, modify or create derivative works of the website or any part of it.

◼Users may not use or interfere with the website in any unauthorized or unlawful manner, including trespassing or burdening the network infrastructure or capacity.

GDPR lawyer indicated that the platform can automatically collect users’ technical information and added a list of such data

InsuranceHunter may receive users' technical information automatically:

◼IP address or device ID.

◼Web browser and device type.

◼Geolocation data, including if you are using the website on a mobile device.

◼Hardware and software settings and configurations.

◼Pages viewed on the website.

◼Actions on the site.

Lawyers have received permission to use cookies, send email and SMS notifications. We provided the user's right to refuse mailings and cookies

The platform may use your email address or other personal information to:

◼communicate with you for administrative purposes such as customer service;

◼send you promotional materials, offers and communications related to the website.

User can opt-out of receiving promotional communications via the links provided in the communications by contacting InsuranceHunter directly at the email address.

Lawyers described the user's ability to contact Insurance Hunter to find out what information the platform stores and to demand that personal data be deleted or changed. We implemented a form for California users

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