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The Stalirov&Co team protected the mobile game against cheating

About company and product

Pacwyn LLC is a mobile game creator. Playing their game, users collect football players, play matches and take part in tournaments.

In 2020, 1,000,000+ people installed the app.

Client Request

Pacwyn LLC addressed the lawyers to resolve the dispute and add anti-cheat clauses to game’s Terms and conditions. The company received a complaint from a player whose profile was blocked because he had developed automated bots and created a football players collection in 2 months bypassing payments in the game. The player did not agree with the ban and threatened that he would sue the Game Dev studio.

Resolution from IT lawyers

🔸Describe game features, make changes to the Terms and conditions and the Privacy Policy.

🔸Protect the game against unscrupulous users and establish liability for rules violations.

🔸Legalize virtual currency and token usage.


Our IT Lawyers explained the account setup procedure

◼A player can use the application as a guest, but in this case, some of the functionality will not be available.

◼Creating an account means logging into the game through the social network Facebook, Google and others, or logging in as a guest. Using an account in the game, a user can exchange in-game items with other users. The game account allows you to make in-app purchases for real money.

◼Pacwyn LLC is not responsible for the security of the account in the game if the user loses access to the Facebook, Apple and Google account, or if the account is used by another person.

Wedescribed the game economy and monetization method 

The game uses 2 currencies: coins and tokens. 

◼In-game coins are virtual currency that can be earned by playing the game. Coins cannot be obtained for real money or exchanged for real goods. Buying coins from third parties, promoting coin purchases, and distributing coins is against game policies. Sending coins to friends is a form of coin distribution and is also against the rules of the game. 

◼Tokens can be bought for real money or obtained after watching the ads that the game offers. Tokens cannot be transferred to another user or exchanged for real goods.

IT lawyers developed rules for buying in-game currency

The application uses virtual currency - tokens. The player can buy them for real currency, or earn in the application. The purchased virtual currency is subject to the Terms and conditions of the application store, which is controlled by a third party. The Pacwyn LLC has no control over how players pay such third parties.

Pacwyn LLC team has set token prices that are subject to change at any time at sole discretion. After making a purchase, Pacwyn LLC does not return money. 

We warned about consequences of deleting an account

A player can delete the account in the application. Once an account is deleted, all progress is lost, including coins, tokens, an upgraded account, and other in-game items. Real currency spent on a deleted account is not returned or transferred to another account.

Account data, as well as in-game items, in-game currency are not transferred to other Pacwyn LLC games and applications.

We complied with Google Play/App Store requirements for in-game purchases and interaction with minors

By using the application, the players confirm that they are at least 13 years old. If players are between 13 and 17 years of age, they acknowledge that they have reviewed the terms with their parent or guardian, and they agree to these terms on their behalf and take full responsibility for complying with them. If players are under the age of 13, they do not have access to the services.

IT lawyers banned cheating and added a list of reasons and rules for blocking a player's account

◼If Pacwyn LLC detects the use of fraudulent software in the game, hacking attempts or other actions that harm the application, users or the application economy, the administrator has the right to block the account or part of the application.

◼If a user cheats the app in a dishonest way or tries to gain access outside the mobile app, Pacwyn LLC has the right to block the account and remove the game property without a refund.

◼Pacwyn LLC may deactivate and terminate the accounts of users who violate the intellectual property rights of others or otherwise violate the application Terms and conditions.

We drew up the disclaimers list: limited liability for technical and force majeure situations during game function

◼Pacwyn LLC team shall not be responsible if the application does not run at full potential or if the user does not have Wi-Fi access.

◼Pacwyn LLC team does not promise that it will always update the application to match an iOS version installed on the player's device.

◼Pacwyn LLC team shall not be responsible for any direct or indirect damages that the user incurs as a result of using the application.

We spelled out contacts of customer support service

◼A player has the right to contact the customer support service at any time using the email address. The reason for appeal can be any question regarding the  provided services, a proposal for their improvement, sending an error report and other issues related to the service.

◼Once a message has been submitted, a support engineer will review it within 48-72 hours. Depending on the quality of message or the detection of a violation, the support engineer may not respond to the request.

Our GDPR lawyer defined what personal data Pacwyn LLC collects and described the players’ right to request their personal data deletion 

For a better experience while using our service, Pacwyn LLC may collect some information:

◼account name, profile photo, gender, age or date of birth, social media profile links;

◼IP address, browser type, operating system, language;

◼unique device identifier, international mobile equipment identifier (“IMEI”) and device name;

◼game data: interaction with the game and with other users inside the game through server log files.

A user may request any personal information deleting. 

We protected the company's intellectual property rights

Pacwyn LLC owns all rights to the software, technology, text, publications, communications, including chat and email messages, profiles, widgets, links, music, sounds, graphics, images, videos and all other audio-visual and other materials available when using the application, as well as the design of the website and all intellectual property rights in it. Pacwyn app content may only be used for non-commercial purposes.

IT lawyers suggest to implement a checkbox to obtain the player's consent with theTerms and conditions and the Privacy Policy

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