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Terms of Use for the Trivia Quiz IQ Brain Mind game by Mioris LTD

About company and product

The “Trivia Quiz IQ Brain mind game” application from Mioris studio is an offline game with puzzle elements to answer questions from different fields of general knowledge.

Rating on App Store 4.8 ⭐ of 5 based on 2.2 thousand reviews

100k downloads on Google Play


Client Request

Describe the game, fulfill the App Store and Google Play requirements to publish the app and monetize it through advertisements and in-app purchases.

Resolution from IT lawyers

Develop a Terms of Use for app publication and connection with Apple and Google payment operators. 


Below you can find clarification and examples from the IQ Brain Mind Quiz Terms of Use:through which we implemented the solution and proteced the client's interests.

IT Lawyers described in details the gameplay

The user gets access to the field with levels — “cards” that contain questions. There are three attempts to complete the level. If the player makes three mistakes, he loses “life”.

The user must compare the answers in the middle and external circles to answer questions. For every correct answer, the user gets points — “brains”.

After successfully passing the level, points are retained and accumulated. When a certain number of points is collected, the user is given coins to buy tips, skip the question or get an extra life.


We informed users about advertising in the app and explained the algorithm of interaction with promotional offers

The app may contain advertising and promotional offers from third parties or third-party service providers. Users are entitled to refuse transferring personal data to such providers and advertising personalization.

Interaction with any third party and any terms, conditions, warranty, or approval related to such exchange shall be negotiated between user and such third party.


We explained the advantages of subscribing to the application

The player can purchase PRO subscription for one month, or make a one-time purchase forever. Key features of PRO subscription are following:

there is no interstitial advertising;

5 free tips daily;

unique questions.

IT Lawyers indicated the in-app purchases in the game

Coins are the game currency that the player can purchase with real currency or earn in the app. Ways to get coins:

shareware: playing roulette wheel and watching video ads, as well as for the levels successfully passed.

paid: purchase of coins for real currency in the app.

We set age limits

The “Trivia Quiz IQ Brain mind game”  is not a children’s application and is not regulated by the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). The age limit for downloading the application platform “App store” is 4+ years.



Our team wrote the list of disclaimers and delineated responsibilities

The app is not a lottery, betting, gambling, or other risk-based game and is intended solely for personal, non-commercial use and is only available for information and entertainment purposes.

Mioris does not process and is not responsible for processing the purchases in the app. Third-party payment operator Apple Inc processes all transactions.

◼Users agree that the use of purchases in the app is at their sole risk. PRO subscription and coin prices are set by Mioris and can be changed at any time.

We protected the company's intellectual property rights

Mioris owns all copyrights, trademarks, and other property rights to the application’s content.

The user undertakes not to copy, republish, modify, distribute, license, sublicense, perform engineering analysis, or create derivative applications based on the site’s application, software, or services.

IT Lawyers banned cheating

Users are prohibited from:

fraud or performing other illegal actions, participating directly or indirectly in the use of fraudulent techniques (cheat codes) or system vulnerabilities aimed at obstructing the application;

applying automated software, emulators, bots, any other unauthorized third-party software designed to modify or interfere with the app.


We authorized Mioris to restrict users` access to the app

Mioris may disable or close users’ accounts that violate the Terms of Use.

Mioris may, under the right circumstances and at its discretion, disable or close user accounts that break others’ intellectual property rights or otherwise violate the laws of the application.

IT Lawyers described how the user could get support from Mioris and warned about the company’s newsletter

Mioris provides support for users. They are entitled to contact Mioris at any time by email. The support officer will review the case within 48 to 72 hours. Depending on the quality of the message or the detection of a Terms of Use breach, the support employee has the right not to respond to your request. 

Mioris may send users a message, including changes to the Terms of Use, by e-mail or by posting it in the application. This section does not impose any requirements on Mioris that are not expressly set forth in these terms.

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